A Trichologist is a person who specialize in the scientific study, and treatment of hair and scalp disorders.

​​A Board Certified Trichologist is a person who has received specialized training through a certified trichology educational institution. A qualified trichologist has completed training through classes, seminars, and professional developments in the area of human hair anatomy and physiology as well as nutrition.

Currently, there are numerous products on the market, and it may seem easy to diagnosis and self treat your condition. However, most of these products require lifetime usage. Once usage is disconnected, the problem usually reoccurs. For more effective results, a consultation with a Certified Trichologist can put you on the road to having the healthy hair and scalp you deserve.


Trichology is taken from the greek word "tricho", meaning "hair". It is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, growth and disease of hair.